Tucker and Becky on their pasture

About Tucker Gretebeck 

A native of western Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, Tucker Gretebeck grew up on an active dairy farm and attended elementary and high school in Westby. Though he worked the farm with his parents, Stan and Kathy, Tucker was the sort of kid who was always doing something more. In school that included football, FFA, baseball, wrestling, band, and 4H.  

He continued his education at Mount Scenario College in Ladysmith, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. The area of study was a natural fit for Tucker – helping people learn and grow is in his blood. Along with his academic pursuits, he continued playing football and baseball, adding baseball coaching to his resume. 

Perhaps the biggest development in Tucker’s college years came when he met UW River Falls student Becky Luckasson. A soon-to-be Food Sciences graduate – as well as a talented musician and athlete – Becky also grew up on a dairy farm. The relationship, you might say, took root, and they married in 2000.

The couple worked in their respective fields after graduation, Tucker teaching in area schools and Becky working at Organic Valley.  But Tucker’s love of the farm, the land, and the animals proved too compelling to ignore. In 2005, the Gretebecks returned to their home farms, where they continued their families’ dairy farming tradition.  They named their farm All Seasons because, Becky says, they’re diverse and operate no matter the month, no matter the day. 

And Tucker and Becky kept adding new experiences, including a transition to organic farming and an agritourism business, Tucker and Becky’s pumpkin patch. 

The Gretebecks now work the farm with their two children as Becky continues as a food industry professional and pursues a Master’s degree in Human Performance and Nutrition. They pride themselves on engaging the community and other visitors in experiences such as farm tours, which tie the importance of agriculture to the food we all eat every day. 

Tucker and Becky also ensure their children enjoy experiences that expose them to a variety of lifestyles and cultures, as well as the more traditional activities of showing horses and participating in 4H.  The family stresses the importance of accessibility to outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, skiing, and running. They understand the importance of state and national parks. Together, the Gretebecks recognize the value of tradition – and exploration – be it far away or right in their valley at home.

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