There are a lot of issues that are important to our community, but we all have our priorities–our bucket list. Here’s ours:

Economic Policies That Support and Promote Innovation

When Walmart came to Viroqua, Main Street suffered. But creative thinking transformed downtown, adding unique retailers and restaurants. Today, farmers are facing some of those same challenges, with large outfits changing the way farms are supplied, equipment serviced, the way land itself is worked. But we can grow and diversify—agritoursim, retail, specialty crops, and more. With support from the state, farmers and entrepreneurs can test new ideas to generate revenue and create stable, sustainable businesses.

 Affordable Health Care

When former Governor Scott Walker refused to take federal money to expand BadgerCare, he cut Wisconsin out of a health care system we helped pay for with our tax dollars. If we turn on that funding “faucet,” the state will be able to insure an additional 80,000 people. And the effects will flow across the 96th, aiding community health centers. Let’s insist on this expansion of Medicaid. It will increase everyone’s access to affordable health care and ensure people won’t have to drive for hours to see a doctor.

 Broadband for All

Broadband Internet access should be a right, not a privilege. The reality of the coronavirus pandemic makes it clearer than ever—broadband is as essential as electricity. Students attend school virtually, people work from home, social events take place over Zoom or Facebook. Yet Wisconsin joins Alabama and Virginia as the states with the greatest roadblocks to affordable, widespread broadband. Unlike some states, while our municipalities can own and operate broadband networks, they can’t charge less than private providers. As your representative, I’ll introduce legislation that smashes bureaucratic barriers and delivers low-cost, reliable Internet throughout rural Wisconsin. 

 Fair Maps

Voting districts designed by partisan committees fail the public interest. Surgical removable of neighborhoods, data manipulation, and unjust handling of the process rob Wisconsinites of the right to choose the best people to represent their interests. We should demand a non-partisan commission to oversee redistricting. If Iowa can do it, so can we.

Sustainable Solutions That Put People Back to Work

The pandemic provides an opportunity for Wisconsin to push the reset button on the future. We need legislation that puts people back to work building a green energy economy based on renewable energy like solar and wind. Rural communities can lead the way by installing solar on barns all over the state. Let’s create good paying jobs and make our air and water cleaner.

Improved Infrastructure and Schools

It’s simple: bad roads are bad business, and underfunding schools underfunds our future.  As your representative, I’ll work toward funding our roads so we can keep Wisconsin working. Repairing and rebuilding our roads creates good jobs and makes sure that our farmers can get their products to market—and consumers can get to the market to buy them. Funding our schools keeps great teachers in the classrooms, helps kids stay engaged, and sets our children and our state up for success.



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